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Photo of Cullen Skink with King Prawns

Cullen Skink with King Prawns


A traditional Scottish soup made with smoked haddock and King Prawns. A Delicious winter warmer.

Low Cholesterol, Trans-fat Free, Good source of fiber, Very low in sodium, Low Sodium

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Peach Strudel with Vanilla Sauce

Photo of Peach Strudel with Vanilla Sauce

An excellent summer dessert! Last week, peaches were on sale in one of the local grocery stores, so I bought lots of them. They were so sweet, just eating these fresh peaches already made me feel so happy, then Sean said maybe we should make some peach desserts, hmm, a good idea, why not! So here the recipe is. It was definitely my kind of dessert, it's sweet, but too sweet; vanilla sauce gave some richness, but wasn't overwhelming. The peach-maple filling was so delicious, packed with fresh peach flavor, of course :D and the juicy filling was just oozing out loudly. I did find the vanilla sauce was a bit too sweet to my taste, next time I will only use half of the honey. But if you have a very sweet tooth, it will be just perfect.